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    we made two different versions of the cassettes with artwork by chris markley and clay rossner. just text me and i'll send you one. 6093645372. for free.

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we did this split in the basement. we put our heart into it. we hope you like it.


released April 11, 2014

jimmy dunn
babs gannon
clay rossner
ben adiletto

artwork by the very talented and most genuine friends clay rossner and chris markley
clayrossner.com com & swampyouth.com

with love from the swamp,



all rights reserved


Mowgli the Frog Cape May, New Jersey

We are just happy to be playing music for anybody that wants to listen to it. Let's do something together!

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Track Name: habits ( bean trees)
You said you were doing fine
the last time I saw you
but yesterday I heard you had to go away
if you could only feel how your mother does right now
you'd probably die
your pupils are dilated
you speak but, you're really whispering
paranoid from all the noise you are producing in your own ears
15 years you've been in and out of there
if you could only feel how your mother does right now
you'd probably die
we all have our reasons to fall down
you know I've got mine
Track Name: row snow (bean trees)
I'm fishing on a lake inside my head cause I'm already dead
They hold out on themselves
Track Name: rock salt (bean trees)
The salt on the cement crunches under my feet
winter is leaving and I've started seeing everything we've been believing
is keeping us from being all that we can be
it's pretty easy to me. Cause I can only be me. I'm not trying to say you aren't you.
Cryptic critics scatter when the light shines. I am working on a soundtrack of the end of times
Track Name: saturn day (bean trees)
The T.V. is off early
it's not even 11:30
bean bag couches
Yo! Our neighbors are grouches
and you only ask for time sometimes
hanging upside down from monkey bars on a sunday
when i realize it's actually saturnday
Track Name: horse sweatshirt (bean trees)
Holy rollers dressed in garb
performing ceremonies in the dark
talk once but knock 3 times
the riders are on their horses
here comes the claw
tourist trap planet earth
keep us entertained so we can't leave this place
there is no fighting
we have them beat
it's time to drop them
Track Name: stone (bean trees)
Hang it from the ceiling with a rubber band
all my friends say they've seen my ghost
I just wanna be a talk show host and have my own magazine
they'll all wanna be just like me
and you just wanna have a talk with the one who knows it all
you think that he's too tall
cause he's about the law
I don't want to know how much time you've spent in front of the kitchen window washing my dishes
I hope you know i appreciate it
I hope you know I appreciate you being here
this is my year
there is nothing to fear
this is our year
Track Name: shade (bean trees)
Wasting my days at a job going no where
thinking of things that have nothing to do with no one
leave behind the pillars
the shade by the tree is tempting me with it's silence
come in here said a man in a Yankees hat
"The Phils are up 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th. What do you think about that?"
I said, "Not much sir, I'm just looking for my cat. He's about 6'3 , has a really fuzzy mustache. A great sense of humor, and he's never touched the cat nip."
he thought I was a bookie
he punched me right in the gut said, "Go home kid."
He threw me out the front door
I rolled into the street
right onto my feet
but I bumped my head on the moon
everything when black but when i came back
I realized I'm a cartoon
Track Name: hallucinations on the parkway (bean trees)
Hallucination on the park way at 3 am
these god damn bastards followed me home again
foaming at the mouth ripe with rage
won't anybody come and save me
and if we all die alone we get what we deserve
maybe jesus could get down off his cross and let me have a turn
the earth was shaking people were screaming
these things from the past they just keep on gaining
try as you might run as fast as you can, never escape them
let the Raritan overflow and take us all
let this river rise up and take me home
Track Name: dreadful in eden (bean trees)
A star shine among all the darkness
a bright light that will blind all the worthless
pockets full of copper stop the curtains from falling on a play about the beggars banquet
speak the truth amongst the heathens and you will be dreadful in eden
a bullfrog is croaking by the rusty gutter
a black swan landed in the swampy water
two lovers lost their way in their apartment
all the while the ground is shaking from the trumpets
own the center of the board
build a fire to keep
be the eye of the lord
use your words like a sword
Track Name: i met a wizard (mowgli the frog)
(This is a Bean Trees cover)

I met a wizard in a parking lot
gave me a dollar i said thanks a lot man
I met a girl at parking lot
bought her a coke she gave me a book of spells

I rode my bike with no hands through the rain
shouted out, "don't be like me I feel no pain."
for ever grain of rice there is a hungry mouth
but if our delivery driver is behind we scream and shout

I just don't get it everything is twisted
people jumping off of bridges and the whole worlds missing it
but if you tweet it they'll all be listening

This song goes out to anyone who missing home
anyone who in a crowd still feels alone
we should get together soon

(We should really get together soon 609-675-5803)
Track Name: swamp monster (mowgli the frog)
Born in the swamps of new jersey
I breath water, I spit fire
I kill demons, I eat politicians

I'm a monster I could be your monster
call me up and we'll have dinner
I'll protect you, I swear to
no one will ever hurt you

my name is Stephanie
I eat stars and shit out planets
put your guns down, turn tail and run
you fucking police man, you know what you've done

you might be psychopaths
but I'm a fucking mad thing
take my children
I'll come back and get them

it'll be a blood bath
I'll make sure of that
I might be a monster
but you're all the wicked, wicked men
Track Name: scaredy kat (mowgli the frog)
I'm afraid of everything

What do you want from me I'm just a kid
what do you want me to say I don't know anything

I'm afraid of everything, but I'm getting tired of burying my head

so I picked up a book and I read and I read
because books are the greatest weapons known to man
I don't know anything, and it's starting to scare me

I'm afraid of everything, so I filled my head with weapons of mass destruction
I'm afraid of everything, but pretty soon these bastards will be afraid of me
Track Name: i don't know (mowgli the frog)
If I work really hard I can get a better job
and I will never starve I can have all the things I want
except for the things I missed
being with my friends in the basement

I don't know what I want but I know it isn't this

I could go to a show I'd just feel all alone
I could try to talk but I'd just hate myself
So I sit in my room and think what it'd be like to die
I'm not gonna lie it seems nice

I don't know what I want but I know it isn't this

I feel bad for everyone that they have to put up with my stupid shit
I feel like a monster I act like a monster I just wanna die I don't feel alive anymore

I don't know what I want but I know it isn't this

so I drove across the country with three of my best friends
I climbed mountains sang songs in the car
I slept under California stars

I don't know what I want but this might be it
Track Name: honest conversations (mowgli the frog)
Do you remember the night we drove
when you didn't feel so alone
and you spoke to yourself honestly
have you seen the highway stretch

I've never seen the things that made me want to say
I've loved so much all these roads, but all they do is take you away

did you recoil from impact of our car crash together
the sudden stop brought me back, and I remembered
how did it feel to see me shake when I saw the body lying there
my foot felt metal and the rain beat down on me

I've never seen the things that made me want to say
I've loved so much all these roads, but all they do is take you away