She was here.

by Mowgli the Frog

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We recorded this whole album at Ben's metal shop with the help of our friends Bruce(guitar) Kyle(washboard) Clay(vocals) and Maxine(vocals). Oh and Eric sang some back up stuff on Branches Breaking which was really cool of him. Everything was recorded and mixed by Clark Connor and Eric Sanderson who were both really great. Ben played bass and sang and I played guitar and sang. I don't know just thanks!!!!


released July 13, 2014

recorded and mixed by Clark Connor and Eric Sanderson



all rights reserved


Mowgli the Frog Cape May, New Jersey

We are just happy to be playing music for anybody that wants to listen to it. Let's do something together!

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Track Name: Branches Breaking
People of the world spit fire down on my, I'm coming up to swallow your seas, bugs with their pincers burrow in real deep, the birds pick them off one by one and fly off to safety.

Nasty little birds with your horrible hunger, you take what you want and leave come winter, now I'm left alone in a bad place, I hope I stay safe for another day

My branches are breaking, my leaves are falling, I'm being cut down, for fuel for the fire.

People come with their axes and their anger, tonight I will be fueling their fire.

I hear people yelling from the city gate, broken and barren I accept my fate, they gather me up from under the sky, tonight I will burn bright.
Track Name: Talking Shit
Everyone is talking so much shit that, this place is starting to stink, open your mouth only shit comes out, why don't you try and say something nice once in a while.

Everyone is having a hard enough time, we've all got battles to fight, maybe yours could just be opening your eyes, there is so much more.

Then hating everything, then acting like your the king or queen then making other people feel like shit, let's get this over with.
Track Name: Captain Planet
When my heart breaks it takes a shit in my lungs and before you know it I'm coughing up blood, when my thoughts swim like public city pool kids, with lightning bolts striking around them.

I'm crossing t's I'm dotting I's, I am writing letters to you dear, but I'm too full of ash and salt water, I'm smudging the page with illegible letters.

When my skull cracks my thoughts leak out my ears, then I fill a room full of flowers, I get mad and I scream in to the dark, I smile when dogs answer with barks.

I'm wasting so much paper, I'm wasting so much graphite, it's so hard to find the right words when it gets so late at night.

When my heart breaks I will cough up this blood, then my heart will sew itself up, then this feeling will well up in my chest no I'll never feel empty again.
Track Name: Honesty
Why don't you just come out and say it, you spend all day dancing around the subject, you'd spill your guts if it didn't make such a mess, why do you just get this over with, open your mouth, move those lips.

Once in a while I say what I need, once in a while I speak clearly, once in a while I don't get so distressed, once in a while it's only once in a while.

Honesty trumps anxiety, any day of the week, I keep on repeating myself, it's like you don't believe me, I will retch this up from my guts and spit it out, you keep talking like you're twenty feet tall, I just can't figure you out.
Track Name: Ducks and Drakes
I'm skipping stones, you never learned, you couldn't throw a pebble over a flat body of water, you're telling lies I never could, let's play games with our ignorance and grow up to be fools.

Bite your lip till it's over, when it's healed start again, I'm skipping stones I'm breathing water, I'm banging my head.

When my thoughts drift to you I'll pick my skin till blood shows through, it's like being a kid crying in front of your friends, I'm just embarrassed what was I thinking.
Track Name: Many Colored Death
Rotting away our heads in the sand, incapable of standing on our own, why wait till tomorrow let's get this over bite your tongue till there is blood on your lip.

why wait for tomorrow we'll all be the same, caught in the same ship we're going under, ain't it a shame to be so young and so useless, born with a map with no way how to read it.

We've all fucked up we've lost our names again, trying to be kings we've forgotten everything, heads in the sand we'll burn away, tomorrow will hold nothing different, we're rotting away.
Track Name: Merfolk
Grab your towel we're going to the shore, go ahead and ask what for, to catch some rayz, we'll get so burnt by the sun, we'll make this hell for everyone, everyone else.

Well you better watch your step cuz, I'm burying traps in the sand, my brother taught me when I was just a little kid so, If you want to step to us, we'll put you so far down in the ground, your head will stick above the sand, when the crabs come marching in my friend.

we'll leave all this trash on your beach, leave it there right at your feet, go ahead clean it up cuz, what do you think you can do, you need this money don't you? dance monkey dance.

Well you might wanna watch your step cuz I'm got a fist full of sand, while you are blinded, we will take your children, you would teach them this world owes them everything, you would teach them only how to take, we would show them the way you live is a mistake

I come from the water, we come from the water, I have a billion brothers and a billion sisters, we have a million mothers and a million fathers, we come out of the water.
Track Name: Took a Walk
I took a walk off the edge to find the bottom of everything, to fall so slowly with out making a sound, when my fall ends and I reach bottom, I'll dig through the soft soil and with my hands I'll dig up the past.

Nothing grows where nothing is planted.

As when skin blisters and my nails break my labor is a burden but I need this, to work so hard never reaching an end.
Track Name: Arms Length
Arms length we stay away to keep out lives, shells spent strewn on the ground vision blurred I'm wrong again, distance furthers on this ship I sway with my thoughts on the wondering mind, glittering doom.

How did I get here, I've been shot I'm staying to rot.

Stay away don't come close prefer to be alone, ash and shadow, my hands my life scars they show.
Track Name: She was here.
This is not a disease, I am not sick or perverted, I don't know if I can do this, but it feels like I'm being poisoned.

My mouth is full of blood, from always biting on my tongue, I don't know if I can do this but it feels like I'm being poisoned.

This is not for your amusement, why don't you spare us all your ignorance, this is not the topic of conversation, why don't you save your breath for the next couple of years or at least until you find out how to be a decent human.