by Mowgli the Frog

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From the basement.


released October 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Mowgli the Frog Cape May, New Jersey

We are just happy to be playing music for anybody that wants to listen to it. Let's do something together!

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Track Name: Spider Cricket.
I don't want to bother anyone I'm sorry for just existing i guess I'll just sit in the corner i wont make a sound you wont even know i was here.

Why do i feel this way every day why do i feel the need to be unseen.

Please excuse my jealousy it just must be nice to be needed. I guess I'll just hang around and wait to die be food for the flies.

Why do I feel this way everything stays the same why do I feel the need to remain unseen.

Hate the way that i walk and the way that i talk trip and stutter indecisive slow wit.

And if we drive straight through the storm and make it out alive we'd be better off we could all starve to death waiting for this years harvest.
Track Name: Radiator.
I was drugged tied to the radiator with blood on my tongue and fear in my eyes. I heard him coming down the stairs i asked if we could talk he said there was't enough time.

And i don't wanna die with these words stuck in my mouth. so many questions what to ask and where to start

will it hurt what about my body can i call my parents that i love them and thanks for everything. if i close my eyes could this all be bad dream.

Pain can mean o many different things it's not the same for everyone we will just wait and see. you can close your eyes if it makes it any easier.

i start to cry i ask about god he says he is there but not how you think more like a kid with a fetish. more like a respected voyeurist.

he comes close ask for last words i laugh to myself as i cough up blood there isn't enough time for the things i have to say.
Track Name: Tip of the tongue.
From the tip of the tongue to the bottom of my guts

I had something important, at least I thought so anyways

But it’s gone and lost burning up in my stomach

What do you want me to say I haven’t the words

I can’t I speak when I can’t oh fuck what was I going to say

Guess it doesn’t matter anyway

Maybe I’ll just smile big and wide

Bearing teeth swallowing pride

Nod and laugh shake some hands

Close my eyes and be complacent

I can’t find the words did they ever exist

Like I was born to fuck of simple speech

From the tip of my tongue to the lost and found

Do you want to know wait I think? Wait one moment while I bust out my teeth

Maybe my words will all flow out like my teeth were a damn

Holding back all this information

Tip of the tongue, or the loss of words

Call it what you want oh fuck what was I saying
Track Name: Hallucinations on the Parkway.
Hallucinations on the parkway at 3am these god damn bastards followed me home again
Foaming at the mouth, ripe with rage won’t anybody save me.

And if we all die alone, we get what we deserve
Maybe jesus could get down off his cross and let me have a turn

The earth was shaking, people were screaming, these things from the past, they just keep on gaining
Try as you might run as fast as you can you can never escape them

And if we all die alone, we get what we deserve
Maybe jesus could get down off his cross and let me have a turn

Let the Rariton overflow and take us all. Let this river rise up and take me home.
Track Name: Live in a landfill.
I live in a landfill full of great things
I live in a landfill oh the happiness it brings
I live in a landfill and just you wait
Soon everyone will live this way

All the things you throw away gets you closer to me
You’ll like it here I swear you will
You don’t have a choice do you

I live in a landfill culture and decay
I live in a landfill the things that you will miss someday
I live in a landfill and just you wait
Soon everyone will live this way

I’ve lived all over in cities and towns
Under water and underground
Who can say this stuff is trash
when this stuff clearly is the best.