Fake it Till you Make it 2015 demo

by Mowgli the Frog

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Clay recorded this!


released December 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Mowgli the Frog Cape May, New Jersey

We are just happy to be playing music for anybody that wants to listen to it. Let's do something together!

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Track Name: Clubhouse
I snuck around your clubhouse
you caught me out back
and threw me in the dumpster
when I came out I felt all better
all my friends were there
we had a secret to share
I hate you I swear
you were never there

let the waves break my body in the sea
mix my bones and blood with the sand on the beach
destroy me remold me you just fuck me why won't you love me

why won't you love me
why do you just fuck me
why don't you hurt me anymore
does that mean you don't love me anymore

I snuck around your clubhouse
you threw me in a dumpster
i hate how
i felt so fucking loved
Track Name: Kite
When i die i want to be reborn as a kite for some little confused kid to fly really late at night
and they'll look up at me hanging in the sky and wonder what it feel like to be so light that they could fly

I spend so many years of my life just wishing i could fly
without ever having to actually try i never even try to touch the sky

one day we're all gonna die
everything will be alright
or it won't i guess it doesn't really matter
the earth will keep spinning and the sun will keep burning

these days i barely ever leave the ground
dreams that I'm flying in they just get me down

maybe one day we'll all wake up
fly circles around the ones still sitting on the ground
Track Name: Cat Nap
I found a blanket and laid down on your couch and took a nap with your cats
i hid in the bedroom i hid in the bathroom and i hid until i could leave
took a wrong turn drove by my house got to the bay and pulled my sleeping bag out
watch the moon sink watch the stars spin i saw a shooting star and i couldn't think of anything

why go to a party when i can just sleep at the bay
why bother talking when i don't have anything to say
it's a sin it's an atrocity everyone is having fun
you're sleeping at the party you bum

I don't know and i don't get it what is it i am missing
everyone is so glad to see each other and i just wanna burrow under the covers
there is nothing wrong with me and i love you all so much just give me some space this place is freaking me out
call me up when you're not busy come on over and i'll make you lunch

why go to a party when i can just make some lunch
why wish for anything when you don't know what you want
i saw a shooting star
Track Name: Museum
Waste away another day nothing can save me now
waste away another day just fighting myself

I'm fossilizing inside my sheets and when they dig me up years from now
they'll put me on display with a little which reads, she could never get out of her own way

well i can her what they are saying but that doesn't mean that i'm listening i'd pay some mind if i had a mind to give i don't know much about anything
Track Name: Deer in the Headlights
This places is a poison come on now i could you the disappointment
you're as mean as a dog, and as deadly as a sniper rifle
do you wanna see my sickness go on live for once and just stick it in
show me yours and I'll show you mine

feel those neurons firing get burnt up by the serotonin
get busy spitting or get busy swallowing
Track Name: Freckles
Growing up together growing old apart
is this what we're waiting for is this what we're working towards

old friends forgotten names freckles in a scar everything is distorted

if any of us get to sleep tonight
we'll all dream of quick sand and red lights
jumping out of planes or derailed trains
i swear i'll never sleep again
this is an endless nightmare
Track Name: 3050 Pity party
Oh it's happening again my voice disagrees with me
So I struggle to spit out words becomes embarrassing
forget how to fly to live boring lives always questioning
the wrong things, self involved prophecies always wanting the wrong things

I wanna burn up on reentry get so high no one can see me when I come back down ill just be a pile of ash laying on the ground.

Oh no it's happening again lost track of the time staring at the sky
Useless wondering, inner dialogue confounding
if I had a dime for every time I didn't want to be alive maybe I could buy myself a different life

I wanna burn up on reentry get so high no one can see me when I come back down ill just be a pile of ash laying on the ground. I wanna decompose, drift away I wanna be anything but me
I wanna fall asleep wake up in 3050 and have myself a party​
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
when I look in to the mirror I'm afraid of whats inside so I take off all my clothes and start dancing and I start to feel alright
I might not know all the right moves but I know how to groove and I'm feeling it just me myself and all the posters on my walls

mirror mirror on the wall will I ever feel normal, cuz I feeling like a joke that's been told one to many times mirror mirror on the wall feel I ever feel normal, im just feeling like a joke thats all. Im just feeling like a dumb punch line. Feeling like it's worth seven years bad luck it's fine.

When I look in to the mirror sometimes in not me that stares back some sort of monster
gapping mouth with large jaw pronounced brow bone board shoulders
so I take off all my clothes I am not afraid of you anymore
Track Name: Sam Rockwell Starring the Moon
I was all by myself in the middle of june
i was on the roof of my car staring at the moon
feeling empty and hollow washed up and shallow

i was all by myself down at the bay watching the lighting come across and all the ships in the sea
with their lights on they looked like a city to me

being ashamed never changed anything

i was all by myself just floating in the ocean fight the urge to go under fight the urge to swallow water we're always all by ourselves

and that's not a bad thing no matter what they tell you, you keep breathing
Track Name: Scaredy Cat
Im feeling terrified
lock myself inside all night won't you save me why wont I save myself
I'm feeling terrified
it's tearing me up inside im feeling

sick to my stomach with no way out
I spend all day just stumbling around

I'm feeling terrified afraid scaredy cat nausea anxious a goddamn mess sweaty and clammy short of breath
Talk to myself in the mirror what am I doing here take a deep breath another deep breath hold it in take another deep breath