My Parents Dropped Me Off at the Wrong Birthday (DEMO)

by Mowgli the Frog

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released January 21, 2016



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Mowgli the Frog Cape May, New Jersey

We are just happy to be playing music for anybody that wants to listen to it. Let's do something together!

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Track Name: Shower Curtain
I'm bleeding on the shower curtain again
when I wake up in the morning I'll regret everything
I would call you but I can't find my phone
I would call you but I know your not at home

do you feel alone
just stumbling around this town all by yourself
do you feel alone
just staring at the sky waiting for it all to come down

I'm laying on the ground again
everyone keeps telling me it's all in my head
well my head is so heavy I can't hold up my neck
I'm feeling all alone again

I don't belong here there's been some mistake
my parents dropped me off at the wrong birth day
nothing feels right why are you looking at me that
I'm going for a walk i don't know when I'm coming back

the mothership left me stranded on this rock
so I spend all my time staring up at the stars
all i see are dark clouds moving in
when the storm comes and goes I hope it takes me with it
Track Name: SAND
Everything I own is covered in sand
it sticks to my skin
I carry it with me

I went down to walk by the beach
and I screamed obscenities
out in to the sea

I sang the whole back to my car
So loud my throat was sore
buckle told me not to worry about anything

I found some balloons tied up in the weeds
I carried them home with me
I scream for the sky to take me back
I jumped up as high as I could
I'm never coming down I'm never coming back
Track Name: BenchWarmer
Sitting on a bench outside the airport
for four hours and I can't get this phone to work
Should I turn around tail between my legs or get up and just start moving

everyone sees straight through me I'm not as strong as I thought
Giving up admitting defeat while kids make out in their cars
over the river and through the woods under the bridge and on the highway
past the marina and I can't find my way out of this place

bought a ticket for a ride 5 hours north off the bus firemen are training right outside the doors take a hike chasing waterfalls 3 tomatoes and 13 hours of sleep

faye sat me down said, "everyone is always trying to find themselves. here's some cardboard and a black sharpie. You've come to the right place honey."
Track Name: HoursAfter
Track Name: Love Yerself

Gloria did banjo and vocals.